Friday, November 1, 2013

Coloured Ti springs

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Coloured Ti Spring Summary
Add some bling to your bike!

These truly unique coloured titanium springs are made to order and so are pre order only.

The price is just £150.

Any springs pre ordered between now and 01/11/13 will arrive with you no later than the beginning of December.


Grade 5 Titanium
ID: 36.5mm (Fox, Cane Creek, BOS Etc..) or 38mm (Rock Shox, Avalanche Etc..)

Add some bling to your bike with a unique coloured spring. ​The main benefit of using a titanium spring is to save weight. In most cases you will save nearly 0.5lbs, a noticeable difference in weight; making you bike lighter, faster and easier to maneuver! Unlike steel, titanium is also corrosion resistant and does not fatigue so much over long periods of time.