Tuesday, February 25, 2014


this edit was pretty sweet. But I really dont like EpicTv and I don't know why.

The steep, tight trails of Canada's Mt. Prevost on Vancouver Island have long been a breeding ground for MTB talent, having produced riders the likes of 2013 World Cup Overall champion Stevie Smith and featured in his infamous 'Seasons' segment. Now the first year elite world cup racer Mark Wallace shows what speeds he's capable of as the young, and insanely talented Devinci team rider tears apart some of the classic Mt. Prevost trails during the off season of February 2013.

Monday, February 24, 2014


Holy shite, Dakota Roche throws down huge during this entire edit. this edit is damns full of banger!

"I'm proud to be a California Native. This land has created who I am and how I see things. "Native Land" is a video part inspired by the surroundings to which I'm blessed to call my home. Thanks to Cult, Veesh and the bros for making this video possible."
-Dakota Roche

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Steve Smith

Steve Smith busted up his ankle while training for the upcoming race season in New Zealand. He's returning to Canada for surgery... get well soon

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

After Hours

I didn't even notice Tom van Steenbergen in this edit about Brett Rheeder

Rheeder and van Steenbergen : Afterhours
Brett Rheeder and Tom van Steenbergen riding Rays indoor park in Milwaukee


Summer is on the way...
Cross-country mountain biking is all about going fast. It's about racing and winning and beating your buddies and throwing the hammer down. It's also about having a blast riding singletrack. We took the racing gear off, and the heart rate monitors, and took our featherlight carbon Kona XC Race Light bikes--the Hei Hei Supreme, Hei Hei Deluxe, and King Kahuna on a little spin through the wilds of Maui. Because at Kona, we can't make it super fast without having it be really fun.

Friday, February 14, 2014


I was waiting for an edit worth posting about the new Burlington action sports complex just south of the border in Washington state. Geoff Gullevich rippin with some other dudes makin it look really cool

Twenty Seven Years Young
Freehub Magazine had a chance to ride with the boys for Gully's birthday. Twenty Seven years young and still killing it, Geoff Gulevich, Eric Lawrenuk, Brendan Howey and Nick Tingren had a grand birthday session at the Burlington Bike Park.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

your mom

Check out this awesome new scooter/roller blade/bike thing you can buy for only 600 buckeroos! Totally awesome!


Whats with chromag and hardtail edits? Oh wait... I know this one. They make steel frames in Squampton.

Chromag: Collectors

New Zealand

Bike parks are lame. They should put a car park on this mountain instead. That would be much much better than some 440 meter descent through epic dinosaur forests. Ok enough with the sarcasm. Its good to see and edit with the super awesome Wyn Masters shredding. I love watching this dude ride! It also seems that this type of gravity/mtb park program taking off around the world... like this one from the UK that is geting started.

Fourforty mountain bike park is a privately funded project that started over 2 years ago by 2 individuals. On opening there will be 7 trails to choose from all with their own features and styles, from clique bike park style trails to gnarly rocky traverse single track. The total potential area of the property is over 1500 acres and the plan over the next 5 years is to develop this into New Zealand's largest gravity specific mountain bike park. The future of Fourforty is to operate a full bike service centre/retail shop aswell as cafe, bar and food facilities.
Find more at fourfortymtbpark.co.nz

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Brendan Howey

This edit cracked me up. Super funny start and some really solid shredding goes down in this winter edit from Matt Dennison

Brendan Howey is smooth, stylish and never makes a single mistake. Ever...nsmb.com--Created by Matt Dennisonmattdennison.tv

Dustin Gilding

Dustin had a big hand in how the new trail Shovel Buster turned out in Invergarry bike park. he is a great rider and a super friendly down to earth fella. Its great to see him getting the exposure he deserves! Watch this short edit filmed in his parent's back yard.

Dustin Gilding has spent the last 6-7 years digging his ass off to transform his family's property in Abbotsford, BC into an intricate personal bike park. Liam Mullany and Bryce Piwek spent the weekend at Gilding's yard and came back with this short piece reflecting on the sheer sweat equity he has put into his trails, as well as the subsequent opportunities he has created for himself through building. This is Dustin Gilding - From the Ground Up

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nico Vink

Zombie Nico Vink riding in beast mode in Belgium. Who needs trails? When you are this awesome you can just slay raw earth.

Vincent Tupin

Vincent Tupin rides some fun looking dirt jump trails in this edit. Watch for the manual.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Warming Up

I love the shore in these conditions... Winter, snow, but still soe solid traction
Reece Wallace rides the North Shore of Vancouver, BC. This was his first shoot after recovering from a serious leg injury.