Friday, November 28, 2008

There's "Never Enough" NWD 9, So we got a few copies in!

November 28 (that's today for those of you keeping track,) NWD 9 has arrived!

NWD 9 Never Enough is here thanks to the speedy people at UPS! We have a bunch of copies so come grab yours while it's hot!

We also brought in a few copies of Bang Bang featuring Aaron Chase and Cam McCaul throwing down on the freeride and slopestyle contest circuit throughout Europe. Check the official trailer.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Domain Recall 302/ 318 steel steerer

Guys it's recall time, THE FAILURE DOES PRESENT A SAFETY ISSUE. For this reason RockShox are putting in place an official RECALL and replacement process. SRAM has issued a recall of certain RockShox Domain 302 and 318 fork models produced with a steel steerer tube. The manufacturer has determined there is a potential for the steerer tube to fail.
Domain Production Codes to look out for:
The production code is located on the fork crown

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We just received our shipment from 1664 Distribution, and we have some major stoke on!

We have Deity gear in stock, including Twenty14 and Dirty Thirty bars, and the burly Vendetta crankset. If you're looking for the burliest wheel out there, come get us to build up a set of Atomlab Pimp Rims. We have them in red ano in stock, but they're also available in black, white, and green.

Also on the truck were our Eastern Night Train and BlkMrkt Three57 completes; come check out some wicked bikes. If you're looking to do a sweet custom build to dial in your steez, we have BlkMrkt Riot frames in red and white, as well as a sweet Atomlab Trailking frame in shiny black.

Oh yeah, glow in the dark grips. For real...

You know you want 'em.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Don't worry, you don't need to hide. Bike Zone is stoked to bring you some exciting new brands!

We'll let you know as soon as this sweet gear comes in the door.

In the mean time, our "20% off shorts, goggles, sunglasses, and anything with short sleeves" sale continues! Get some good gear for a good price.