Friday, January 31, 2014


I stumbled upon an old book I used to own at the salvation army 'Mountain Biking in BC' and was flipping thru and saw an old ad with Andreas in it... This video follows him around some awesome looking BC riding spots. The Brittania beach trail looks dope!
Back when I was in junior high school and riding tons on Mt. Tzouhalem in Duncan, XC racing was in its' hey-day. The likes of Roland Green, Alison Sydor, Ryder Hjesdal, and Andreas Hestler were just down the road in Victoria, training like ferocious beasts. Every once in a while we’d see them on the trails, and just be blown away. Andreas was very recognizable. He was a bad-ass, a smiley guy, and of all the different things that stand out I always remember people talking about his biceps! At the 1998 Hornby Island XC I was watching the pros race and when Andreas rode by, this dude beside me turned to his buddy and said “I don’t understand why he lifts weights so much to build up his arms, doesn’t that extra bulk just hold him back on the climbs?” Kind of a random memory I know, but that always just stuck with me because to my young mind back then it meant that you could be a strong XC racer but have the arms of a wrestler; as in: you don’t have to exactly fit the mould to be successful.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Neil Donoghue

Here's some help on whether or not you should ride clips or flats... or both
Neil has had a successful downhill racing career on flat pedals with some top ten results at World Cups and he became well known for his moto style, but now he has made the jump to enduro racing and has adopted the clip pedals.
Neil gives us a little insight into why he made the change.

Pre-Season 2014

This is pretty funny. Watch a racer prepare for the tough season ahead with some unorthodox training techniques.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Trail Day

There will be a trail day to finish up Shovel Buster in Invergarry bike park this Sunday 10am. Burgers and drinks provided  by SORCE. The chains were removed by the locals and it looks like most stuff works already. The long low step up after the first left corner still needs some tweaking and will be a bit of a focus for the trail day. Dustin Gilding and Alpine Bike Parks will be on hand guiding the action. We look forward to seeing as many people out there as possible!

SORCE is also giving away $50 this weekend. Must be a 2014 SORCE member to enter

Guy Marsh

Here's a dude riding a hardtail in a skatepark in Oregon called Glenhaven

 The Glenhaven skatepark near Madison High School in Portland, Oregon, gets a work from with Guy Marsh as he blasts the tech pool and slaloms through scooters and skaters. PNW fo' life!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Normal every day normal guy

This kid is on a really old bike with flat bars and rim brakes. It doesn't stop him from getting out to the trails and shredding. The video was also really well put together. Good vibes and probably brings back memories to those old enough to remember riding hardtails with rim brakes 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Luke Strobel

Luke Strobel is fast. Sadly not World Cup fast, but damn fast indeed. Here is a GoPro chesty of him ripping some freeride/allmountain trails in Washington state


Thank god there is a girl's bum in this...Otherwise that weird singing face bike seat would have really creeped me out.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Eric Walenta

Eric Walenta Season Ender. Lots of cool trick combos on dirt jumps and a mulch jump

Friday, January 17, 2014

Remy Metailler

The last time we posted about this dude, he pretty much destroyed Whistler bike park. Now its utterly ruined.

Remy shreds Whistler Bike Park at full speed in July's slick dry conditions.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A tale of two Eccentrics

You really don't see too many hardtail edits out there these days. Nor edits without a song. This excellent edit is silent except for the sounds of riding and forest. Enjoy all

Last autumn Maciek and Wojtek took the new bikes for a spin in the mountains surrounding famous Austrian bike resort Leogang and we followed them around with a camera. Enjoy the video.
Read the full story on,777,pl.htmFilming:

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


This video makes me wish I was watching this video about Island winter. Usually Chromag has better videos... What was with the non-banger at the end?

"Nothing beats Vancouver Island during the winter. I had a few weeks off school and was able to head back to Victoria to do some filming and riding during my Winter Break. School has always been important but nothing beats getting home and back to my local zones to ride. I had put off doing the last two clips in this video for just about a year. The first one being the 3-drop which I crashed on quite hard last winter and broke my fork. The last stunt I just never finished until recently. Time off can be a bit of a blessing in disguise sometimes, in this case it gave me a fresh perspective of how to approach these two lines. Thanks to Chromag, MyPakage and Oak Bay Bikes for their continued support. Looking forward to a good 2014.” – Jarrett Moore


Champéry is a Swiss resort well known in the MTB scene because it owns one of the steepest tracks which became famous with the amazing run of Dany Hart during 2011 world champs. What people know less is that you can find a few more trails as fun as this one there. I spent a few days up there filming with Julien Fournier, one of the locals, and my mate Vincent Tupin in unexpectedly dry terrain for the season in these mountains. This year, winter starts pretty badly with few precipitations and warm temperatures under the sun. We had such a contrast between the sunny areas and the shadows. On one side of the mountain you can ride in the dust with your bike while you can ski at the same elevation on the other.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Two dudes having fun riding, blasting some big jumps and ample slo mo make this edit worth the watch! Good tunes too!

 From that Pinkbike website:
Church doesn't have to be on Sunday. Your life is at your fingertips. Go play and cherish the f**k out of it!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Arik Elstran

fast forward this shit to 3:06 right now. This guy has a super creative style and rad skills 

We're famous

Look forward to seeing you all at the grand reopening of the Shovel Buster trail!

Jack Fogelquist

Jack Fogelquist - All Work & No Play
Rider: Jack Fogelquist -- By: Keegan Quiroz

Saturday, January 11, 2014


No soundtrack, no useless 'hike up' portions, just straight up fast riding in this edit. Refreshing
No BS trail rippin at Sandy Ridge near MT Hood, Oregon.
Filmed by Craig Gruenewald 
Produced and edited by Spencer Burback

Friday, January 10, 2014


Its been a looong time since we had a bmx edit on the dirtwest blog. So today we get one from Mankind somewheres in Europe. I like the screen cap of excaping from tha cops.


This edit sums up what its like riding hardtails with your buddies. pumptracking, dirt jumping, hitting skateparks and just having fun on a simple bike is what its all about

Santa Cruz’s Jackal has been around for some time now, but hey why change something for the sake of it, especially when it’s already pretty rad. To kind of celebrate this longstanding gem, Santa Cruz decided to get Logan Peat and Josh Bryceland over to Santa Cruz, chuck them in Joe Graney’s classic1949 GM 4101 Union Pacific Streamliner, give them a couple of Jackal’s, and show them around…9Still using its original super-charged two-stroke straight-six Detroit Diesel power plant connected to a Spicer 4-speed manual transmission, the “Crazy Train” is the last running coach of ten, made for ferrying passengers from Union Pacific’s Los Angeles terminal in the fifties and sixties.Still using unique sliding dropouts to accommodate gears or single speeds, connected to the frame via compact chainstays on a super-strong asymmetrical yoke, the Jackal was made for ferrying passengers over dirt jumps, street obstacles, amusement parks and anything else you might encounter on a rampage around town.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bas van...

Bas landed in a new edit for Deity. Shot in fall on Vancouver Island; Bas gets some big air on some really fun looking trails. This is  a good edit to get your stoke on.
Bas van Steenbergen - Island Air
Film/Edit: Rupert Walker

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Famous Guacamoley

I know this is a bike blog... But guess what??? I don't care so today we are learning how to cook dammit. So here's a great recipe for Spanish guacamoley.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Aston Hill

We have written about the sweet looking trails at Aston Hill in the UK before, I just can't find where. Here is  a video of 2 guys rippin the trails

Thursday, January 2, 2014