Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A shipment of 2009 Konas are in the door!

Come check the floor for the new Shonky, Stinky Six, Stinky with D.O.P.E., Shred, Paddy Wagon, and Dew FS!


Friday, October 24, 2008

Abbotsford Indoor 4 X Racing / Lucky jumps


check out the 2008/2009 schedule online.

I was shooting some photos before fall arrived with the crew from Port Kells dirt jumps(Lucky's) The jumps are well maintained right now and running great. There is a amateur line(think rollers and small doubles) one regular sized line, and a big line. Lee tells me they recently had the City of Surrey in with a digger to drop off dirt(it was used to build the roll-in because the dirt was rocky and poor quality). The jumps are still being built and maintained by the hard work of local volunteers. It's tough work maintaining an entire jump spot especially one with gap jumps (not to mention so having to deal with all the non-riders running around on the jumps after getting out of the pool) . So give these guys your support, and voice your opinions about bike park improvements to the City of Surrey!

Excerpt from Surrey-Bicycle-Recreation-Facilities-Strategy(which features a cover shot of Andrew Cho at Port Kells Park by Harookz): "There are several smaller facilities located throughout Surrey, including some dirt jumps located at Port Kells Park in Cloverdale and a small BMX practice track located at Cloverdale Athletic Park. Surrey is currently engaged in improving a small bicycle facility at Latimer Lake Park on the eastern edge of South Surrey. Of the three smaller facilities, Port Kells is perhaps the best known and well-used."

More 2009 Norco Bikes

We received a new shipment today. We now have the 2009 Atomik, Vixa, Deviant, 125, Sasquatch, Stryk, Scorchers, and Mountaineers, More Bikes (2009 Konas) showing up next week!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2009 Banshees

2009 Banshee Amp short, and Rampant long in stock. More Banshees coming in November