Monday, September 30, 2013

Chatel France

Chatel France is clearly not Whistler.  It's a good thing no one was seriously hurt in this. A high speed launcher directly into fade away left corner with no markings. I could imagine doing the same thing. reminds me of a ride I had on Eagle one time.....

The dude in the black already in the field at the beginning wasn't even riding with the crew of dudes filming. Yikes! Time to go back to trail design school.

Van Life 2

This edit is really well put together. Lots of style in this short film about Kona Rider Ryan Gardner on his Satori.

Ryan Gardner is a Kona Supergrass rider who travels around the United States in his van to race his mountain bike professionally. This video features Knapps Castle trail in the backcountry of Santa Barbara, California.
To make this video we used Magic Lantern software installed on Canon 5D iii cameras to shoot RAW video. This allowed us to gain more dynamic range and make each shot incredibility sharp. We also used a Red EPIC for the slow motion shots and a GoPro 3 for the octocopter and POV shots.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Mike Aitken

Dude needs a spellchecker, but its still a good edit about the legend that is Mike Aitken. Waear yourr hellmets kidz!
After Edwin Delarosa, The Diggest is proud to present his second documentary about : M I K E A I T K E N.
From his riding to his brain injury recovery, everything shows that he was a true model of strength, willpower and style. Discover a video portrait that pays tribute to one of the most stylish and influential rider of his generation.
See more pictures, words and behind the scene here :


Mark Balcita

This edit was filmed at Port Kells Park/Lucky trails. Dirtwest guided the machine during the rebuild there earlier in the year, as you can see its running real smooth these days This guy pins it down some trails in Squampton at the end. Nice edit

Went to go hang out with Mark for a few days. We shot at Lucky and Squamish but unfortunately had to cut filming due to a crash. Shot by John Stockburger. Music: The Strokes - Machu Picchu

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dudes of Hazzard

These guys videos are usually good for a laugh. This time its also cram-packed with singing talent!

Leogang DirtTV

DirtTV interviews all the top riders in this recap of the fianl round

Friday, September 20, 2013

Leogang helmet cam action

This is a must watch. Ratboy throws down sooo much style on the wet Leogang track. Race sunday on 6am ish

Steve Peat follows Josh 'Ratboy' Bryceland down a wet and wild Leogang, at the final round of the UCI World Cup!!


DirtTV brings us another track walk for the last race in the 2013 UCI World Cup. Riders talk about the nature of the course including several springs the bike park style track is built on. It should be exciting to watch just how the conditions affect the riders and who will take this year's overall title.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Adam Brayton

I'm really glad this edit has no music, You can listen to his tires grab, when he brakes and his buzzing hubs as he flies down Schladming. Wicked.
#IamGas2Flat aka Adam Brayton takes you on a wild ride down the ex-World Cup course at Schladming, Austria. He lets his Hope Factory Specialized Demo 8 take care of some serious blasting and berm-busting business.

Monday, September 16, 2013

SORCE twoonie race #4

The fourth race in the SORCE/Shed Bike Club twoonie race series went down on Sunday with a grewat turn out on the foggy cool day at the South Surrey bike park. Here are some photos

Race results HERE

Friday, September 13, 2013


Those scooters with bike rack things are great! Turns out there is also some riding in this video after the long BC transit bus repair segment.

Chris Akrigg

I swear, half the posts on this blog are about Chris Akrigg. I can't help it. He' s too fun to watch! Creative riding, interesting locations and always something new to make you scratch your head. This time he's back with more magic tricks on bikes. So watch it already...

Never really know what to say in this little box! I guess the original idea behind this edit was to go for a spin without getting off for them bloody gates, cliffs, stiles and things, or as i like to call it a triple XC ride. All aboard the Mongoose Teocali . Anyway you get the idea, hope you enjoy. NEXT...................

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tyrone Williams

Tyrone Williams is working hard for all those tricks. That bike looks like it weighs eighty pounds.

Citi Bikes are public rental bikes in NYC. BMX rider Tyrone Williams takes one out for a spin and looks good doing it.
Music: Early B "One Wheel Wheely"

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Why are you reading this? Watch this already...

Broers is Dutch for brothers, and while Tom and Bas van Steenbergen each have their own smooth, yet distinct styles, they bring it all together in this short film from Smith Optics. Filmed and edited by Liam Mullany.

Monday, September 9, 2013

2014 Dartmoor

Quite the spazoid colour scheme from Dartmoor bikes at Eurobike

Using a special "oil slick" coating process, Dartmoor has come up with a petrol color scheme that varies from frame to frame. Look for Szymon Godziek to be blasting sky high on this one.

The frame is made of multiple butted, seamless Japanese Cr-Mo 4130 steel tubes. All the tubes are heat treated before welding. Hydroformed chainstay tubes increase stiffness, lower weight and give more clearance for the crankarms. Features gyro tab holes in the head tube, a 68.5-degree head angle, 380mm stays, 135x10mm dropouts, 68mm Spanish BB, Campy style 45/45 integrated headset, 11.8-inch seat tube length, and a weight of 4.98-pounds (2.26kg).

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Kym Grosser

Watch this clip. He does a on-the-nose-ride-along into a droppy-doodle with no hands and no feet on the handlebars or the pedals. I kinda think he shoulda done a tailwhipper, but what do I know. Cool tricks dude!
This clip from The Set of Kym Grosser riding in the rain is crazy! Switch footed nose manual and then a nothing down a set, with wet ground and slippery pedals sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Ace Hayden

Ace Hayden - The List - More Mountain Bike Videos

When I ride Whistler it looks just like this, except I don't pussy out of all the hard stuff and I go about a million times faster.  Maybe its time to put the training wheels back on or take up something easier like scooters. Booooring! Plus whats with wrecking all those dope DVDs?!!! I would taken them srsly.
When riders head to Whistler for the first time they usually make a list of the things they want to hit. What happens when a pro and ex resident makes his list? Watch and see. Credit: Lone Wolf Productions made for Commencal

Friday, September 6, 2013

Andrew Bizet

Double backflip on a DH bike... Pretty impressive and makes it look effortless
Antoine Bizet is the first ever rider to stomp a double backflip on a downhill bike. The session at Mottolino Fun Mountain in Livigno was going nuts and Antoine stomped the trick 4 times in a row, even while beeing the leader of a massive train.
Check out the video...

All infos on

Thursday, September 5, 2013


This is a gopro video of Brendan Fariclough and Thomas Vanderham riding Whistler. The camera was controlled by something called a gimbal, whatever it is it looks awesome. Both riders show loads of style and coolness in this one!

BRAAAAP! Rip down the Whistler Bike Park with Brendan Fairclough and Thomas Vanderham courtesy of a GoPro mounted on a fancy gimbal-controlled device. YEW!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Four year old kids

I am waaaaaay better at bikes than this stupid four year old kid. What a total lame! Kids are jerks. I hate it when I'm at Whistler rippin up Easy Does It and some dumb kid is in front of me and he's going slow and I'm like "on your right" and he's like "I'm doing it dad, I'm doing it, this is the funnest". SUCKS!!!!!!

Tom Van Steenbergen

 Tom van Steenbergen rides some skate park and dirt jumps on a summer afternoon. I know that when I go riding for an afternoon I usually frontflip flyout to start my day. Lots of slo-mo trick action in this one, enjoy!