Monday, May 30, 2011

3rd annual Darcy Cruise

The 3rd annual Darcy Lane Memorial Cruise went down last Saturday night. A huge group of the lower mainland's finest riff-raff showed up for a great evening of story telling, Kokanee swilling and Cruising around Surrey. It was amazing to see the impact one individual had on so many lives. We love you, ya Bastard!

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Darcy's Bench in Green Timbers Urban Forest


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Darcy Lane Memorial Ride

The 3rd annual Darcy Lane memorial ride happens this Saturday May 28th.
1st Darcy Lane memorial ride

Come out for a fun Kokanee-fueled cruise through Surrey, we'll take Darcy's old lap through town and stop at all his old haunts. See you there!

Meet @ 5:30pm at the Bike Zone, #102-15420 Fraser Highway, Surrey

Ride starts around 6pm

More info at

Mike Montgomery

Banshee rider Mike Montgomery takes some new tricks to dirt. Watch him session a giant step up at Woodward west. Listen to the cows and Ogres cheering him on?

Mike Montgomery Mayhem - More Mountain Bike Videos

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Port Kells Park

We had a great turn-out at the meeting last Thursday. We met with Denis, Alana and Preeti from the City of Surrey as well as a number of youths from around the lower mainland to discuss improvements and designs for upgrades to Port Kells park.

Preeti, Alana, and Dennis from City of Surrey

Everyone was asked for their opinions on the future of Port Kells Bike park. The Vote was unanimous in favor of the dirtwest designs for a new pumptrack and 3 rows of step-up table-top jumps and a new taller start mound.

meeting in session

The City is taking our designs back to their Design team for review, and to form an action plan for the upcoming dig day and how to best spend the ~$2000 budget the City of Surrey has to spend towards upgrades to the bike park.
dirtwest designs on display
In the meantime we have contacted one of the contractors who built Willoughby bike park in Langley. He has informed us that a $2000 budget would allow him to operate a machine for two days at the park and supply dirt all within the budget available. We suggested to Denis at the meeting the idea of hiring an individual with real riding and jump building experience to maximize the work done by the machine and ensuring that it is not money wasted on an inexperienced contractor. We will forward this info to the City of Surrey.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Port Kells Park

We are meeting with the representatives from the City of Surrey tonight. We will be discussing improvements to the dirt jumps as well as the addition of a pump track at Port Kells Park in Surrey.

Here's a sneak peek of what we've prepared:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

604 pump track

We rode the pump track yesterday. It was warm and sunny and we had a great time:

the woods

We dropped by the woods jumps yesterday after hearing they had suffered some damage. We patched up the two affected lips and all is well again.

It was cool to see two separate groups of young riders while we were there doing maintenance.

Here's Photos:
A minus after fix
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Port Kells Park

At the Invergarry Open house we asked about revamping/repairing the Port Kells Dirt Jumps. We submitted a design requesting more quality dirt so we can make a new roll in, turn the jumps into step-up table tops(low maintenance and still good riding) as well as a pump track.

The City want s to consider all the opinions of local riders and is holding a meeting at the park on May 19 at 6pm. Come out and comment on Dirtwest's plans and have your input heard. If we are successful with this effort we intend to continue helping the City reform it's existing bike parks (Cloverdale) as well as create new ones. (Fleetwood, Fraser Heights, etc..)
Dirtwest's Preliminary Design (changes to come)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anthony Messere

The Ranchstyle 2011 comp went down last weekend in Colorado. Local Surrey shredder Anthony Messere beat out a bunch of top names and walked away with the Silver medal in slopestyle. Great Work!

Anthony placed Second to Greg watts(former CrankWorx Slopestyle champion), Fourth at Jamie Goldman's invitational recently, and won Best trick at UDUG. That's one hell of way to start the year! Keep your eyes peeled for more of this young talent.

Here's an Iphone video of the action:

Pro Slopestyle Top Five:
1 - Greg Watts
2 - Anthony Messere
3 - Kelly McGarry
4 - Mike Montgomery
5 - Tyler McCaul

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nick Anderson

The sickest Ice grind in this, among other treats. All that in only a minute.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Burke ride

We rode Burke a couple of Saturdays ago. Mark was on Go Pro duty. Here's the edit from his voyage down the mountain. Mark was absolutely killing it, but happened to take two tumbles while the camera was rolling(don't worry he's fine), watch and enjoy.