Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Its not biking related but who cares its christmas eve and this is cool to watch

Matt Hunter in Japan

Matt Hunter, professional mountain biker and adventure seeker, finds inspiration traveling the world, exploring new trails and having unique experiences that could only happen on a bike. Matt’s latest adventure brought him, along with photographer Sterling Lorence and videographer Matt Miles, to one of the most culturally rich and largely underrated riding spots in the world—Japan. 

Aaron Chase

"The forest out here in British Columbia is magical," said Chase. "The trees are huge, the trails are steep, and you’re doing whatever it takes to keep your tires on."

The ride begins on a steep mossy rock-roll worthy of any Coast Mountain edit, but then things quickly step up a notch. With freeride icon Brett Tippie along to stoke the session, Chase’s legendary riding skills are showcased hitting up a precise, high-consequence log-ride-to-drop built and pioneered by Darren Berrecloth.

To finish, Chase and eventually Tippie send a ridiculous gap jump over a creek. “The consequences are super high," said Chase of the trail's most robust feature. "You’re field-goaling between two trees and there’s a pretty ninja pump track to get into it.”

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas

Chris Akrigg is in this...

Ho! Ho! Ho! The boys from Mongoose delivering the goods….

From the UK to California, the whole Mongoose crew helped deliver a holiday miracle in this edit. On his way to drop off the very last package of the year, Santa gets a little too excited riding trails that he gets a flat and can’t finish the job. So what does he do? He calls the Mongoose Express to lend a helping hand. Watch Greg Illingworth, Kevin Peraza, Paul Ryan, Steve McCann, Greg Watts, Chris Akrigg, and Mike Montgomery make sure they get the parcel to the right place all while riding a few great places along the way. Ben Wallace is still recovering with his knee so he gets to sit by a pool sipping on a fancy drink.

Credit: Mongoose Bicycles

Amanda Cordell

Amanda Cordell has a hard time keeping lunch dates with friends, but that is ok because this girl can shred.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Powell River

this is the future of pumptracks
So look what happened in the center of the universe; Powell River BC. Alpine bike parks and Spectrum Skateparks have teamed up to build North America's first all concrete pump track. You are looking at the future of pumptracks. Permanant, maintnenace free facilities that are usable by anything with wheels: bikes, skaters scooters and inline skaters, 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Its no secret that we worship Chris Akrigg at dirtwest. This time Chris takes us on a cyclocross ride...

Well here we go again, the second instalment of riding the bike with the curly whirly bars and skinny tyres. We are currently at the hight of the Cyclocross season so i thought it was about time i dug the cyclocross bike out for another spin. I read somewhere that Cyclocross originated for roadies back in the day trying to spice up their winter training. They would race from point to point using whatever means possible, racing down farm track and running across fields with the bike on there back etc. That was their spin. My back ground is Trials, and this is my spin!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Coast Gravity Park

This place looks like it should be a bike park

The Shorr

Just some North Shorin to stop you from being borin... oh that sucks

Cole Mooney Rides the North Shore

With Winter approaching on the North Shore, the days are getting shorter and the weather colder. Finding time to ride becomes more of a challenge for 15 year old @ColeMooney . Balancing academics and a busy training schedule he finds time on an afternoon to enjoy a pedal up his local mountain. Cole will be racing BC and Canada Cups as a U17 Expert Rider for the 2015 season.

Brett Rheeder

I got trapped under a rock for a long time! But I'm back and  here is some content! This video is just  that Brett Rheeder guy doing stuff on his bike. Must watch

Horsepower | Brett Rheeder

Cherry Creek is a small community within the interior region of British Columbia. While it was first discovered in the 1800's and stripped of its gold, Brett Rheeder made his stake on the land creating a unique hay bale slopestyle course. Teaming up with Mind Spark Cinema, Brett brings you his latest video, "Horsepower". Music by Rival Sons


This pumptrack apparently is in the city of Stuttgart. The pump track was completed this month in Neugereut . It was designed and built by Konrad Willar who has already made a name with the pump tracks in Weilimdorf and Botnang .

This type of all season track would require very little upkeep. It's fun for all levels of riders and can be used by more than just cyclists.  Pumptracks also take up a small footprint and lets face it they look dope. Pumptracks rule! Here is a video of the Weillimdorf track being riden by some young folk  check out 2:52 for a track walk.