Friday, November 29, 2013


Geoff rides nearly every single genre of mountain biking in this short but entertaining edit for Rocky Mountain cycles. enjoy

Is Gully the most well-rounded rider on the Shore? What’s going to happen when he does actually start pedaling?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Life Behind Bars

bonus footage visit Watch All Episodes: Previous Episode: Brandon takes his Mustang out for some racing by the coast before some mountain bike riding on the rocky trails of Pemberton, BC. Stevie Smith comes out to film with Brandon on the downhill trails that Adam Billinghurst and Pete Matthews built specifically for them. In order to get the best shot, they captured the riding with a cable camera in the hopes of getting through it without any injuries

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Invergarry trail day

The jumps are locked with a chain for a few weeks until the dirt sets up solid
We had a great day in Invergarry bike park finishing the work on the Shovel Buster jump trail. A lot of shaping and packing happened today. Big thanks to Dustin Gilding and Alpine Bike Parks and most of all the volunteers who showed up to help out!!!

 2-4 WEEKS :( SORRY The dirt just needs time to set up.

more photos after the jump>>

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mystery DH

Dunbar rider, Aaron Dobie, riding Mystery. Filmed/Edited by: Mark Busenius on Cypress

Invergarry bike park

Trail day at Invergarry bike park tomorrow. Lunch provided by SORCE Dustin Gilding will be there too!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Stopped by Invergarry yesterday to shoot this short clip of the new Flow Form features on Shovel Buster

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Harry Steele rides Whistler bike park for Kona bikes

Friday, November 8, 2013

Ludwig Jaeger

I love it when riders have smooth style. This guy throws his bike around almost as fast as a bmx in this street edit. Some people make stuff look tight, this guy is one of them.

Ludwig Jaeger - Summer 2013

Check out my latest edit. We filmed a couple of sessions this summer. Many thanks to all filmers, Tim Scholz for the Twixtor editing and to my sponsors - NS-Bikes/Trailtoys, POC & ALMOND

Hydrofoil bike

We aren't strangers to flying bicycles. Remember that indoor helicopter? or that other one? or that otherone that only flies into a treehouse? Well, I've been looking for a bike that flies on water so this is great. Check out this cool hydrofoil bike ripping around in this video from the deep dark interweb. I love weird bikes.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Instinct in the Monashees

Nice Fall winter edit featuring the godfather Wade Simmons and Lambert rep/xc racer Kevin Calhoun
The plan was to head to the Monashee Mountains near Revelstoke, British Columbia with Wade Simmons and Kevin Calhoun to shoot an autumn alpine video for our new Instinct MSL. We wanted to showcase the bike’s versatility under two very different riders—Kevin is an XC racer on our Factory Team, while Wade’s contributions to freeride mountain biking need no introduction—.
Of course sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t play nice, and an early cold snap provided on-and-off snowfall throughout our adventure.
Despite the challenging weather, we knew we had an opportunity to capture a unique aspect of the changing seasons. From Kevin’s dawn patrol ascent to Wade charging snowy trail features, the rapidly changing conditions ended up being the perfect way to showcase the Instinct’s versatility.
We’d like to thank the crew at the Sol Mountain Lodge for all their help with this project. Their lodge was a great base-camp and their trails were a blast even in the snow. We’ll be back again in warmer weather.
Thanks for watching, Love the Ride!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Shovel Buster

SORCE president Jordan helps stockpile dirt for the final massive landing
More work has taken place on the revamped trail in Invergarry bike park in North Surrey. Lots of landings have been constructed and a few of the dirt lips are nicely shaped and packed. The next step for Alpine Bike Parks will be building concrete footings for the many Flow form features we are going to see in the park.

Enjoy the photos!...

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Alpine Bike Parks - Shovel Buster trail new landing

Alpine Bike Parks started construction on shovel buster yesterday. The first day of the build was met with tough conditions. Heavy rain made it difficult for the machines to work at optimum efficiency, but the crew of ABP powered through and accomplished quite a lot. The plan is for the Shovel Buster to be gussied up the whole way down. ABP will be installing SIX premanufactured lips and a sick satellite feature on the trail. the amplitude of all the jumps is being increased at the same time. Sadly this means there will be no beginner trails, but we can always try for that in the next phase. SORCE/ABP can only do so much in a year within a given budget from the City of Surrey. Keep in mind that the COS is supporting the sport of mountain biking in a big way. Shovel Buster is unique in this part of the world. Can you think of another city built park with something like it? As Invergarry park builds a larger user group and the local bike club SORCE achieves higher membership riders in Surrey will be able to request more and more work to be done by Alpine Bike Parks every year.

SSBP tree planting

SORCE president Jordan enjoying the heavy rain
Peter, Vince and Wilma toughing out the rain

SORCE bike club was in the South Surrey Bike Park planting native trees and shrubs. The weather was about as rainy as it gets here on the coast of BC. But that didn't stop SORCE from getting out there with shovels. The focus was on repairing the many areas of the forest that have sustained damage through trail braiding. We planted a lot of salal, ferns, wild rose, vine maple, salmon berries and simon berries in the areas most affected by the trail braids.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Coloured Ti springs

Get em here

Coloured Ti Spring Summary
Add some bling to your bike!

These truly unique coloured titanium springs are made to order and so are pre order only.

The price is just £150.

Any springs pre ordered between now and 01/11/13 will arrive with you no later than the beginning of December.


Grade 5 Titanium
ID: 36.5mm (Fox, Cane Creek, BOS Etc..) or 38mm (Rock Shox, Avalanche Etc..)

Add some bling to your bike with a unique coloured spring. ​The main benefit of using a titanium spring is to save weight. In most cases you will save nearly 0.5lbs, a noticeable difference in weight; making you bike lighter, faster and easier to maneuver! Unlike steel, titanium is also corrosion resistant and does not fatigue so much over long periods of time.