Thursday, October 31, 2013

Strahan of the Dead

Wow, this Halloween is yielding bumper crop of quality edits this year. Shot by Aaron LaRocque rider: Strahan Loken zombies


Manon Carpenter seems to have had bit of turn and become some sort of wild woodland cat for this edit. Aboard the Saracen Kili Flyer she’s pinning it through the woods being chased by Liam Murphy’s camera. Happy Halloween! For one night only @manoncarpenter is the Wildcat. A film by @liammurphyfilms

Happy Halloween

Jordan, this is for you.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I made this sign for the pump track at Invergarry. It's called the Cornercopia pump track

Also in super exciting news: Alpine Bike Parks is starting construction on shovel buster in Invergarry this week.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

T Mac

Tyler McCaul’s Rampage POV
Another Pants-Shitting POV

I am going to rant about this when I get the time. Just like I did for Kelly McGarry. Whats with keeping all the Mcs and Macs down at Rampage?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

How To Be A Mountain Biker


Is it sad that all of this is true? All of it. Stoke, Rad, Gnarly, Flow, Bro, Shred, Scrub, Shralp, Gap, Table, Oppo, Brap, Tweak, Zone, Loam, Roost, Bonk, Biff, and Bail....

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Chromag Family Album Vol. 1

Why the crud didnt they just say Aggy is in this? I read through that whole dang thing as was like "I guess I'll watch this based on the strengths of that other video". Literally, I really think like that. tob be fair, all the riding and filming in this is spot on and gets you unbelievably pumped to ride. Must Watch

All families possess their own dynamics, characteristics, and individual traits. Ours consists of a group of riders with distinguishable styles that compliment the next. It is these differences that contrast and set us apart, yet, tie us together. Diversity is inevitable within families, but should be admired as everyone has something to offer. This parallel results in synchronous action that has something for everyone. Flip through the pages with our riders as they take you through our Family Album. - Reece Wallace, Team Manager, Chromag Bikes
Video by: Rupert Walker
Animations by: Scott Waraniak

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Desert sun

This video is great, Mike Hopkins absolutely shreds some awesome big mountain stuff. He's riding on the absolute edge of exploding and its exciting to watch!
Mike Hopkins and James Doerfling riding a selection of BCs best big mountain terrain, from Williams Lake to Cache Creek. Song - Numb by Gary Clark Junior

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gravity Project

For anyone living in the UK this is a neat race series that happened this year, I'm sure they'll do it again, links below.  I am posting it because I like pumptracks and pumptrack races. Plus indoor pumptracks are really rare and these people seem to be great at teamwork.
The first round of the Gravity Project’s Pumptrack race series went down just before Christmas and our tea-boy Ben Windog popped to down to have a look around.
The Gravity Project is situated in Lower Froyle, Hampshire and as well as this ace indoor pumptrack have a number of downhill tracks too, oh and some bees aswell.
If you fancy checking it out then hit up and get in touch with the guys there.

Kelly McGarry

Kelly McGarry on the Rampage course with a helmet cam.  Kelly was robbed of first, all I have to say is THREE backflips! Whats harder flipping a jump or a step down? exactly.

There is no way Kyle Strait should have won except he hit the Oakley Icon sender (lets face it sponsors decide who win). Tyler MacCaul should easily have placed second as his drop was dirt to dirt and easily as big as the Icon sender(except no sponsors name was attached). Cam Zink can sukit! His line was comparatively snoresville. The line through the top section was weak, he did a big backflip then quit on the lower section. Boo!


Jordan beamed this one over... enjoy

Warning: this video features gratuitous skidding and all-out freeriding… just what you were looking for?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You like this

I found this video while doing some googling for local Vancouver pump tracks. This edit makes you want to get out and ride some fall trails enjoy!

Ewan Fafard & Taylor Bloy segment from 'You Like This'

Monday, October 21, 2013

Twoonie race #5

Pre race meeting
Lots of colour in the Watershed yesterday

The last Twoonie Race in the SORCE/Shed bike club race series wrapped up yesterday at the Delta Watershed. The course was a massive 10km loop and there was 2 categories to race in, either a 10km intermediate or 20km advanced race.
We had another great turnout of riders to this event. The Watershed was in full fall colour and conditions stayed foggy the whole day but trails were in prime shape and everyone had a great time! There are nearly 200 photos after the jump>> lots of photos of riders on course, the prize giveaways and the apres party and race winners are toward the bottom of the page. Enjoy and see you next year! Thanks again to the organizers, volunteers, racers and keep in mind SORCE will be having an AGM in late November, we look forward to seeing you there!


Big thanks to SORCE/Shed bike club twoonie race sponsors South Surrey Cycles, Rocky Cycle, Norco Bicycles and Central City Brewers and Distillers!


Crankworx has been over for quite a while, but this video of pump track madness just emerged. We all saw the race, this is just practice and hotdoggery in action. Spoiler: Mitch Ropelato manuals everything
This is pretty much what I saw and captured at the Pumptrack Challenge at Crankworx Whistler this year. Everyone had skills, but I was absolutely amazed by the amount 'Specialized Kids' Ropelato and Brosnan had, they were just having fun and thinking of new 'challenges' all the time during training. I loved to watch this event and I hope I translated this well into the video:) Enjoy!
Please check out my website or like my Facebook page to stay updated about my other projects and upcoming videos!

Another cool looking all-season pumptrack by these guys.
Pumptrack Pontresina Inauguration, by Velosolutions The first pump track in the beautiful valley of Engadin. One of the biggest pump tracks, built for kids, pros, and grandpas! With Timo Pritzel, Adrien Loron, Xavier Pasamonte, Claudio Caluori

Saturday, October 19, 2013

South Surrey bike park trail map

I did some sleuthing around and found a stack of potentially helpful South Surrey Bike Park map and trail info. Some of it is sure to be out of date, but I thought having this info accessible all in one a place would be a good thing. Enjoy with no sleuthing required.

Click the link for three other high res shots>>

Trail trance

I liked this edit, but dude in the black w/ black helmet has a gross style. Just sayin.

Evolene, a typical Swiss mountain community in the Valais was recently invaded by rowdy unsophisticated mountain bikers. They destroyed the loamy trails and shocked the local, simple mountain folk with their lack of manners and dangerously out of control mountain biking. Shaperideshoot documented this invasion of free spirits, who have sent shockwaves throughout the Swiss Valais. Enjoy our take on simple mountain living.


Do this stuff and watch the video and practice practice practice.
1) Get your seat down and use a mid-foot position on your pedals. Cornering is all about getting your hips moving around the bike and if your seat is in the way it can be a lot tougher to do. In fact, if you try to learn with your seat up you’ll most likely pick up bad habits.

Also, you’ll need to be able to drop your heels so you can weight the outside foot and “carve” the corner which requires a more mid-foot position on the pedals. I recommend flat pedals since they naturally put you in this position but if you run clipless then make sure you don’t have the cleat set under the ball of the foot as this will throw your weight too far forward and make it harder to use your as hips effectively.

2) Be able to ride switch-foot so you can enter a corner with the outside leg to the back. This will let you drop your heel and carve the corner better by giving you a better platform to laterally hinge the hips from. Even though you can get away with either foot being forward entering a corner - and there are times you want to keep you dominate foot forward in fast paced DH sections - you will be better able to execute your technique if you can get your outside foot back. I've also found that most of the time riders who argue this point can't ride switch foot in the first place and are looking for reasons to not have to learn how but that is another subject for another article.

3) Set your hips before entering a corner by weighting the outside foot. If you enter a corner balanced it is too late, you’re going to be playing catch-up with your balance points through the corner. By shifting your weight and entering the corner with you hips set and ready to shift you can set your edge faster and more easily dictate the balance points.

4) Use counter-pressure to lean the bike over and your vision to pull you through the corner. When entering a corner you want to lean the bike over by pushing with the inside arm and look through the corner to make sure you ride smoothly through it. Counter-pressure is critical to maintaining good traction and since you go where you look your vision is your ultimate guide.

5) When all else fails focus on shifting the hips laterally and not squatting down or leaning over with the shoulders. When you are doing it right you’ll feel your ribs laying down one by one on top of your inside thigh.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sam Reynolds

Freestyle MTB in Slow Motion

A GridStars production starring Monster athlete Sam Reynolds
Filmed in a day at Woburn. Shot entirely on GridStars own Phantom high speed camera at 600 frames per second.
GridStars specialise in Motorsport video production but always enjoy filming any extreme sport. If you require slow motion for your next project or just curious about what we do, check out

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The last Twoonie Race

The last Twoonie Race in the SORCE/Shed bike club race series is coming up fast. So fast in fact, its THIS Sunday October 20 at the Delta watershed. The course is a 10km loop and as always there will be three categories to race in: beginner intermediate and advanced. We expect a good turnout to this event so if you haven't been out for the other races, this is the twoonie race to come to!
RACE 10am
On site registration starts at 9am, however help us volunteers out and preregister on the button above. It helps us know how much food/drink to supply and gives us more time in the morning for twiddling our thumbs:)

Toonie Race Details

Sunday, October 20th - Twoonie Race - The season finale !!!! Registration in the Meadow at 9:00am race at 10:00am sharp - This is a multi lap / mass start race on a fantastic 10km loop ripping through the best trails the Shed has to offer. Total race distance depends on race category - we will have individual and team categories (for those who want to participate, but dont want to race the full 30km) This will be the finale with prizes and a SERIES winner announced with awards !!!!!!!
Anyone participating in any event must be either a member of the Shed Bike Club, OR, a member of SORCE. Membership is available on site and is a mere $20.00 - This covers your race insurance for all SBC and SORCE twoonie races !!!

Register online at

e also need marshals for the event. If you are able to volunteer, please contact us at or through facebook!

Ride Every Day

I sure don't ride every day, but this video recommends it.

Rain, Snow or Shine, You've Got to Ride Every Day!
Wallis, Herbst 2012

Saturday, October 12, 2013


New mellow banked hip on 'D' line

Invergarry Tree Planting

The SORCE bike club was out in force today helping plant some native trees and shrubs in Invergarrry Park. Big thanks to Fay and Roberto from the City of Surrey for guiding the volunteers! SORCE provided food and refreshments for the hard working crew. Lots of Cedars, Alders and Salmon berries and other native species were planted in the area across the path from the pump track. Some of the Volunteers took a well earned break on the pump track including SORCE president Jordan. More photos after the jump>>
Coffee, cold drinks, water, muffins, cookies, chips and granola bars
Fay from the City of Surrey explains how to plant a tree


Qualifying is over and Graham Agassiz placed 1st. Woot. Here's a video of him hitting the new 70ft canyon gap. Some close call from other dudes on the same gap, yikes! Video after the jump>>

Friday, October 11, 2013

Red Bull Rampage

RedBull Rampage is this weekend. Brendan Howey from Vancouver takes us through his first day on the hill in Utah.Video after the jump

Thursday, October 10, 2013


 Jordan and I went riding at the Invergarry pump track. I brought the go pro along so here is 1:45 of the track there.

Video Anal

Here (allegedly) is an all anal video of your favorite MTB stars from the world cup circuit including riders like Gee and Steve Smith. Up and comers in the porn industry Morrocco Media bring us this exciting foray into the 'darkside' of the racing circuit.

This is an example of Morrocco Media's ( Mountain Bike Sports Video Analysis service filmed at the 2013 Fort William Downhill Mountainbiking World Cup. It illustrates how we can help you find the fastest lines, test bike set-ups and compare yourself to other riders during a race weekend. We can help identify small technique issues that can be worked on over the weekend to gain those extra tenths of a second. It shows how important line choice and technique (even at world cup level) are and just where riders were gaining and losing time.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Vašek Kolář

I dare any of you to rap better than this guy.

Edit: David Podrabský, Vašek Kolář
Camera: David Podrabský,Vašek Kolář,Honza Sladký,Tomáš Lachman,Jirka Hollmann,Ondra Šenk,Vojta Křiva.
Music: Vasha (instrumental by Dj Fatte) thanx Mařas
Mad Skill - When my titles roll (Emdee feat C.Monts)



Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nicolas Quere

Can't say that this edit will ever get a ton of views. Push through the intro and you will be rewarded with really great shredding by rider Nicolas Quere from the Commencal SuperTeam

Friday, October 4, 2013


Want to know what pepper spray feels like? Ever wondered what it's like to be a professional mountain biker? Then this is the video for you...

We follow pro mountain bike rider Brendan Fairclough to Les Deux Alpes during Euro Crankworx 2013. Catch Brendan racing the Air DH on a gnarly French track with big jumps and loose off-camber sections.

Euro Crankworx also held its first official MTB whip off, where Brendan throws some massive whips and one-foot nacs - you decide whether he should have won or not...

Finally we finish with some riding in Les Deux Alpes, not a place that's familiar to most, but with tracks like these it sure should be.

Director: Chris Seager
Producer: Aspect Media
Athletes: Brendan Fairclough

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dylan Sherrard


Two posts in a row for this guy. Heads up Silvia uses some really cool new effects in this video: Silvia - Peaks with Dylan Sherrard
This video was more of a stop motion learning experience for me. It was tricky at first but i'm always finding ways to make them smoother and higher quality with each one I finish. Expect to see more of this style from me in the future. Enjoy!

Thanks for watching,
Karl Heldt

Love at first sight

This is a pretty great short ad for the new Kona Precept.

 Dylan Shredhard and From Kona Bicycles, longtime creators of passionately forged two-wheeled emotion, comes one of the most inspirational webisodes of the year. This is what a couple's ride should be. A brand new, super affordable, great riding bike, covered in a dash of love. New love actually. Dylan Sherrard shines in his acting debut, striking a performance so convincing, so real, you actually see him falling head over heals.

bigquotesOne of the best feel good webisodes of the year...try and hold back the tears, we dare you. -

bigquotesDylan Sherrard's performance is commanding. If he didn't actually fall in love, I'd be shocked. - Sally Feldman, Hook Up Today

bigquotesWe didn't want it to be so cheesy, but when the bees starting buzzing and the baby frogs go leaping, it's virtually impossible to stop the fromage waterfall from overflowing. - Jay Trusler, Director of Photography for Love at First Sight.

Check out Dylan and Diana get all puppy-eyed on Kona’s new entry-level 27.5 dual suspension Trail bikes, the 2014 Precept and Precept DL.
 This is the entry-level version of our new Process Platform, with great standover, 27.5-inch wheels, plush rear suspension and capable geometry that makes both models, the Precept and Precept DL, very easy to fall in love with. All at a price that will leave you wide-eyed and rosy-cheeked.