Saturday, October 26, 2013

Chromag Family Album Vol. 1

Why the crud didnt they just say Aggy is in this? I read through that whole dang thing as was like "I guess I'll watch this based on the strengths of that other video". Literally, I really think like that. tob be fair, all the riding and filming in this is spot on and gets you unbelievably pumped to ride. Must Watch

All families possess their own dynamics, characteristics, and individual traits. Ours consists of a group of riders with distinguishable styles that compliment the next. It is these differences that contrast and set us apart, yet, tie us together. Diversity is inevitable within families, but should be admired as everyone has something to offer. This parallel results in synchronous action that has something for everyone. Flip through the pages with our riders as they take you through our Family Album. - Reece Wallace, Team Manager, Chromag Bikes
Video by: Rupert Walker
Animations by: Scott Waraniak