Friday, February 20, 2009

Dusting Off the Cobwebs.

We went into the crawlspace and found a bunch of gear. It's not the newest stuff, but it's still fresh.

We have our clearance glove bins topped up, everything in them is 25% off, and prices start at $20 after the discount. Kona, Sombrio, Impac, and Mace gloves in various sizes. Get 'em while your size is still here.

We're also clearing out our stock of shoes to make room for new stuff this spring. Skate shoes from Airwalk and Ripzone, and clipless from Lake, Cannondale, and Axo are all on at 50% off. Prices for some new kicks start all the way down at $18! Heck, at this price, if you just need shoes to mow the lawn, you might as well come on down!

If you need to pick up a helmet, we have Bell Bellistic and Mace Hammer full face lids on for $80. Lots of sizes of the Bells still available.

Everyone loves movies to get stoked on riding, so how about some cheap flicks? We have some of our older stock of movies going for 50% off. Sure they aren't the newest NWD with quad backflips or something crazy, but the riding is still awesome.

Don't forget the clearance clothing rack, lots of good stuff on there for 20%-50% off.

Our Shorts and Short Sleeves sales is nearing the end of its life! March 15th is the last day of the sale! Get 20% off of shorts, short sleeve jerseys and tees, goggles and sunglasses for the upcoming riding season.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New gear is here!

In our never-ending quest to get you the primo products, we have tales of victory to share!

We've been waiting with baited breath for our distributor to get a new shipment of Deity product in, and it's here! We have some seats, the Tibia post, Fantom stems, and a nice selection of Twenty14 bars.

We also brought in some of the sweet Chromag gear. If you want to pretend you're a world cup racer, we have the Fubar OS flat bar. 28" wide and with a bend that makes it feel like your favourite riser, you'll be railing and roosting the berms on A-line with apolmb.

Everyone loves a bit of bling for their bike, and we have just the thing to satisfy that craving. Come get some of the smooth sliding Chromag brass seat quick-releases. We have both the 35 and 32mm sizes in stock.  If you think you have everything, these machined in Whistler beauties will send an already dialed ride to a slightly higher notch of sweet.

If you need to keep all the sunshine out of your eyes and your hair-do safe from the ravages of winter, we just got in some Black Market brass knuckles caps. We have size M/L and L/XL here, so come try 'em on, these hats will make your head a deadly weapon.