Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Heads up everyone: We have sold out to the man.What does this mean to you, our faithful readers? Well, from now on, you will notice some Google ads hanging around the site and below posts. So, you are saying to yourself "what a greedy, money-hungry-excuse for a dirtwest writer" I know, I know.  But I need more money for more gold teeth, so chill out Bro. Well, That, and a garage full of fancy cars, and a huge rare art collection, and gummy bears.....

Hopefully, the few of you folks who continue to read this blog will find some benefit from the invasive Google Ads cramming up all the good space on the margins of the blog and below posts. Who knows? Anything is possible right? Maybe some of you will find out about exiting new products or learn about some fantastic new services locally available to you brought to you by the magic of the Google Adsense marketing program.

All I know is I'm takin that all that loot to tha bank! Seriously bro, I'll come pick you up in my Ferrari and we'll go riding some time.