Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SORCE/Dirtwest Partnership

Some really great news has occured over the past couple months. Dirtwest is now partnered up with SORCE. I (Jordan) am now an executive member of Sorce. In my new role I will be focusing on the development of new riding facilities in Surrey.

So what does this mean to you ? First of all SORCE is officially changing their mandate to represent all of Surrey, and will be now working towards the continued maintenance of ALL surrey bike parks including Port Kells, Cloverdale Athletic Park, Invergarry Bike Park, South Surrey Bike Park, and working towards the development of additional facilities in the future (hopefully near future).

Some of the things we have on the go are: the completion of Invergarry bike park (which is slated to be complete by summer), trying to get SORCE represented on the Outdoor Sports Advisory Committee which will give us even stronger representation and lines of communication with the city, the return of the Junkyard Dog XC race, trying to get the 604 pump track legitimized or at least get some kind of official permission from the city for it to exist, and trying to get a plan of action to make the Surrey Bicycle Recreation Facilities Strategy a reality and in a timely fashion, and most importantly to unify the mountain biking community in Surrey to give us a stronger voice.

So what we need from you surrey's riding population is your voice! If you guys could check out the SORCE website and facebook page and click on the like button that would be awesome. If you want to take it a step further and join SORCE that would be 10 times as awesome. The reality of it is the more people we have on board the louder our voice gets, the louder our voice the more we are heard and listened to. More people more cool stuff!!!