Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Planting native species

We try very hard to respect the neighborhood and environment surrounding the 604. Yesterday we planted a number of native species around the pump track for privacy and ecology's sake. We want to ensure there are minimal impacts as a result of our presence.

We seeded pacific coast wildflowers on any disturbed area which won't be ridden on(back sides of berms, the center of the track, etc...).

We also ran into the biologist who is charge of sediment and erosion control for the housing construction near our track. We asked him about the impact on the local water tables and environment as a result of our track's location and our building techniques.

We were happy to hear that our track does not represent any appreciable harm to the local area and it is not a concern for erosion or sediment due to its construction techniques ( the track drains towards the middle, surrounded by Canary grass which works as an excellent filter, as well as our planting of native species, among the other reasons he cited). Needless to say, we were very happy to hear all of this from a biologist. Especially one hired by the local developer.

What a great day. Here's the video:Special thanks to Kyle for getting plants donated to us!