Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Love at first sight

This is a pretty great short ad for the new Kona Precept.

 Dylan Shredhard and From Kona Bicycles, longtime creators of passionately forged two-wheeled emotion, comes one of the most inspirational webisodes of the year. This is what a couple's ride should be. A brand new, super affordable, great riding bike, covered in a dash of love. New love actually. Dylan Sherrard shines in his acting debut, striking a performance so convincing, so real, you actually see him falling head over heals.

bigquotesOne of the best feel good webisodes of the year...try and hold back the tears, we dare you. -

bigquotesDylan Sherrard's performance is commanding. If he didn't actually fall in love, I'd be shocked. - Sally Feldman, Hook Up Today

bigquotesWe didn't want it to be so cheesy, but when the bees starting buzzing and the baby frogs go leaping, it's virtually impossible to stop the fromage waterfall from overflowing. - Jay Trusler, Director of Photography for Love at First Sight.

Check out Dylan and Diana get all puppy-eyed on Kona’s new entry-level 27.5 dual suspension Trail bikes, the 2014 Precept and Precept DL.
 This is the entry-level version of our new Process Platform, with great standover, 27.5-inch wheels, plush rear suspension and capable geometry that makes both models, the Precept and Precept DL, very easy to fall in love with. All at a price that will leave you wide-eyed and rosy-cheeked.