Sunday, August 16, 2015


grass reclaiming an underridden section

mid process

a little further

done for now... now we need rain
Sometimes the best time to build new stuff is when its dry and dusty. Its really easy to make some moves on stuff that can't/wont be ridden until the rainy season. This is one such spot... a part of the cornercopia pumptrack was growing grass(a sure sign a line isn't being ridden) so we switched it up... Now to wait for some rain so we can pack and shape it into a working line. That's the trade... easy earth move but a line that wont be finished for a while... 

Sunday, August 2, 2015


After breaking his leg in 2014, Blake Samson is back where he belongs and riding.

In this new project from Animal and Nico Turner, Blake takes to 'The Farm', his latest playground.


last week I was in Invergarry after the rain.... 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pigs flew

Well now I've seen everything. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Chris Akrigg

Chris Akrigg is the best. If you don't think so. You are wrong. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Brandon Semenuk

This is probably the coolest edit I've seen. It's filmed in one shot. Brandon Semenuk is one of the best riders in the world on one of the coolest trails in the world filmed by the best people.

Published on Jul 21, 2015
Download the complete film on iTunes now: unReal is available for digital download on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and more and is currently on a worldwide film tour.

To celebrate the release of unReal on iTunes (, Teton Gravity Research (TGR) and Anthill release one of the most acclaimed segments from the film. Widely recognized as the best slopestyle mountain biker in the world, Brandon Semenuk has become the first mountain biker to film a full segment in a single continuous shot. This uninterrupted shot was filmed by the most advanced gyro-stabilized camera system, the GSS C520, mounted to a truck on a custom road built next to a custom trail that took three weeks to build. This true cinematic achievement required perfect coordination between Semenuk, Anthill Films, and TGR with regard to athleticism, planning, timing and logistics.

Injured at the time, Semenuk only hit the full line once.

The historic moment was produced for unReal, the feature mountain bike film inspired by the unprecedented creative union of production companies TGR and Anthill Films, and the limitless imaginations of a group of the best mountain bikers in the world.

Download unReal:
iTunes -
GooglePlay -
MGo -
Amazon Instant Video -
Playstation -

unReal is currently on a worldwide film tour. Click here for a list of film screenings:

Check a chance to talk with Brandon Semenuk & the cinematographer LIVE next Tuesday, July 28th, from 5-6 PM EST at our live video Q&A! RSVP here:


"There comes a time in all our lives when we must let go of all the chaos and clutter of the modern world and tune our minds to a simpler idea…to see into that empty space just a few feet in front of us and see nothing else… to see the path ahead as a story yet to be written. Entire days of our lives can pass by without meaning, yet within these moments of absolute clarity there’s an entire lifetime worth remembering. It’s simply a matter of letting the rest of the world melt away…"


Sony presents unReal with Shimano & Trek, a new film produced by Teton Gravity Research & Anthill Films starring Brandon Semenuk, Brett Rheeder, Cam McCaul, Graham Agassiz, Steve Smith, Tom van Steenbergen & Thomas Vanderham, with Brook Macdonald, Finn Iles, Ian Morrison, James Doerfling & Matty Miles. Written, directed and edited by Anthill Films. Art direction and additional writing by Good Fortune Collective. Additional support from Bike Magazine, Evoc, Knolly, Pinkbike, Rocky Mountain, Western Digital & Whistler Mountain Bike Park.


For What It’s Worth
Performed by: Buffalo Springfield
Courtesy of: Elektra Entertainment Group
By Arrangement with: Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing

Lee Jackson

Vital RAW - Lee Jackson Whacks Whistler + Norco Aurum Bike Check - More Mountain Bike Videos

This guy rips pretty hard in the bike park. Lots of cool lines in this. No music

Lee Jackson gaps and slaps the trails of Whistler's lower mountain.
Here's what AJ Barlas noted about making the video with Lee.
"We attempted to get a good mix of burly gap lines and fast sections, with the one move that Lee was most worried, and psyched about being the gap on the slab of Schleyer (ender); a move that apparently only Nick Geddes has successfully hit. It's serious, and we were stoked to get it smooth. Lee was jittery the rest of the night. He did it the original day filming, but cased and wasn't happy with the clip, so he stewed over it for 3 days between the original shoot and the redo.
"A couple of interesting stats: Lee destroyed one wheel, blew a tire off the rim, flatted front and rear on separate occasions, blew pieces of his chain guide apart, taking bed rock with it all in 2 days time shooting."