Saturday, May 19, 2012

Port Kells Dig Day!

Armed with the new tools provided for us by the City of Surrey we commenced to complete the big set of jumps at Port Kells Lucky Trails. Although we had a modest turn out, a ton of work was completed including a transfer line from the middle set to the big set.

Big thanks to Travis at Velocity Cycles for providing some awesome DVD's and a flat of much needed Red Bull. Thanks as well to Kelly from Eye of One clothing for the sick t-shirts, and Lisa at Price Smart Foods in Clayton Heights for the gift certificates for lunch.

Looking forward to seeing more people coming out to session the jumps and add more features on the next dig day June 16.

More pics after the jump.

New tools kindly provided by Marty from City of Surrey.
New transfer line
Profile of new transfer line.
New lip.
Second Jump in the big set.

Some of the crew enjoying food provided by Price Smart Foods.

Zak eying up the fresh work
Zak slaying the fresh work.
Whipping it out on the middle set.
Yup they all work

Couple of the guys getting stoked about the free dvd's and Redbull provided by Travis at Velocity Cycles, and T-shirts provided by Kelly at Eye of One Clothing.