Tuesday, December 1, 2009

4x Winter Nights!

It's chilly out, and perhaps you don't want to turn yourself into a popsicle trying to hit up a night ride. Well there just so happens to be a wicked place out in Abby to get your bike on - the Pipeline Indoor 4x Series!

This Thursday December 3rd is the final practice night before the winter break! It's also your last chance to enjoy the track that has been putting the hurt on your quads out of the gate. Come January, a new, minty fresh track with new challenges will greet riders.

There's still four more races left in the series, and more people equals more fun! After the near-shameful showing the open men's class put on this Tuesday (not even enough people to run a quarter final!) I expect hordes to show up come January. I realize that racing may not seem the most compatible with the beer-swilling, Longhorn-sitting, freeride lifestyle, and you'll probably sweat and be out of breath if you're trying, but riding bikes is fun! If you've never tried a bit of friendly competition, it's well worth it.

Check the race reports from Race 1; Race 2; and Race 3, and the rules and schedule if you've never come out.