Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New gear is here!

In our never-ending quest to get you the primo products, we have tales of victory to share!

We've been waiting with baited breath for our distributor to get a new shipment of Deity product in, and it's here! We have some seats, the Tibia post, Fantom stems, and a nice selection of Twenty14 bars.

We also brought in some of the sweet Chromag gear. If you want to pretend you're a world cup racer, we have the Fubar OS flat bar. 28" wide and with a bend that makes it feel like your favourite riser, you'll be railing and roosting the berms on A-line with apolmb.

Everyone loves a bit of bling for their bike, and we have just the thing to satisfy that craving. Come get some of the smooth sliding Chromag brass seat quick-releases. We have both the 35 and 32mm sizes in stock.  If you think you have everything, these machined in Whistler beauties will send an already dialed ride to a slightly higher notch of sweet.

If you need to keep all the sunshine out of your eyes and your hair-do safe from the ravages of winter, we just got in some Black Market brass knuckles caps. We have size M/L and L/XL here, so come try 'em on, these hats will make your head a deadly weapon.