Friday, January 30, 2009

Hark, a Noise!

The Zone is filled with the screams of some Banshees. Four to be exact!

We received our Amp frame in the long size, a medium Wildcard, the long Rampant, and the schweet Scythe in large.

We have the Scythe all built up with a nice kit, keeping everything working primo without breaking the bank. $3500 gets you an awesome 7 or 8" bike with adjustable geometry weighing in at 41 lbs.

We'll have the Wildcard built up next week for everyone to drool over, napkins will be distributed accordingly.

Just a little glimpse of silver for you jumper types. We've already built up the short Amp we had, and it is soooo hot. The geometry on this bike is absolutely dialed!