Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lee Jackson

Vital RAW - Lee Jackson Whacks Whistler + Norco Aurum Bike Check - More Mountain Bike Videos

This guy rips pretty hard in the bike park. Lots of cool lines in this. No music

Lee Jackson gaps and slaps the trails of Whistler's lower mountain.
Here's what AJ Barlas noted about making the video with Lee.
"We attempted to get a good mix of burly gap lines and fast sections, with the one move that Lee was most worried, and psyched about being the gap on the slab of Schleyer (ender); a move that apparently only Nick Geddes has successfully hit. It's serious, and we were stoked to get it smooth. Lee was jittery the rest of the night. He did it the original day filming, but cased and wasn't happy with the clip, so he stewed over it for 3 days between the original shoot and the redo.
"A couple of interesting stats: Lee destroyed one wheel, blew a tire off the rim, flatted front and rear on separate occasions, blew pieces of his chain guide apart, taking bed rock with it all in 2 days time shooting."