Friday, May 16, 2014


the project outline on the left and new park ettiquette on the right
Invergarry bike park has been under development recently. The new lines cater to all levels of riders and are really flowy. The City of Surrey has also put up some new signage for Shovel Buster and other parts of the bike park. The native grass we planted recently is starting to green in and the trails are looking sick. Here are some photos:

Shovel Buster is official

the start of the new trails

this new step up is sweet. and seeing some miles by the look of things

roller section on the small side

another step up into rolly doubles

the small side has Flow Form stuff too

Sweet berms at the bottom of the small line and north shore at the end

this picture doesnt do this section juctice...

transfer line from the small onto the medium line

Some features are still under construction, like this 'whale tail'

the back of the Flow Form wall ride is all cabled up 

2nd wall ride and a Flow Form jump in the background

this is the entry into the next hip from the last step up from the photo above

sweet hip into wallride #1

wall rides 1 &2 

the last jumps on the large line

new signs on Shovel Buster

looking up Shovel Buster from the shark fin

Down Shovel Buster from the Shark Fin

On the left: new small medium and large lines. Middle: walking trail. Right: Shovel Buster