Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dustin Gilding

Dustin had a big hand in how the new trail Shovel Buster turned out in Invergarry bike park. he is a great rider and a super friendly down to earth fella. Its great to see him getting the exposure he deserves! Watch this short edit filmed in his parent's back yard.

Dustin Gilding has spent the last 6-7 years digging his ass off to transform his family's property in Abbotsford, BC into an intricate personal bike park. Liam Mullany and Bryce Piwek spent the weekend at Gilding's yard and came back with this short piece reflecting on the sheer sweat equity he has put into his trails, as well as the subsequent opportunities he has created for himself through building. This is Dustin Gilding - From the Ground Up