Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

I'm getting ready to stuff my face with turkey and stuffing and cranberries but I couldn't resist checking out some new riding vids. Boy am I glad I did. because holy shit, Adam Brayton rides those tight corners like a madman. Read the p.s. at the bottom of the quote>>
Alex Rankin is regarded by many as the godfather of all godfather's when it comes to MTB films. Rankin's ability to capture some of the wildest racing footage in the Earthed and Sprung films set the benchmark for all MTB films that followed. 
Two of Hope Technology's riders were luckily chosen by Alex back in the day to feature in the Earthed films. Hope Factory team rider, Adam Brayton aka Gas2Flat aka Keswick Kestrel aka Eskiboy, got wild and loose in Earthed 5 - The Law of Fives. 
Hope's Belgium DH/freerider, Nico Vink had an earlier Earthed début in Earthed 3 riding flat out on the Sprint Avalanche track in Oz en Oisans.
Both riders are fast loose and love a good huck, but have two of the most contrasting riding styles around. Brayton - flat out, on-the-edge racer and Vink with his flowy and super smooth style. Who better to bring them both together than the guy they both credit with kick-starting their media careers, the godfather himself, Alex Rankin. 
After putting in a few weeks of day and night shifts digging tracks around the Lake District, Adam invited Nico and Alex to spend a few days filming and hucking. Alex hasn't failed to deliver, capturing the guys riding on the edge and pulling off some pretty big jumps along the way. 
This "...Ultimate Hucker Sender" edit by Alex has a distinctively "Earthed" and raw edge to it - no fancy gadgets or slo-mo's - just flat out loose riding.
"It was really good to catch up with Nico and Adam for this project, we laughed a lot and got lucky with the UK winter weather, but the speed of Adam on his local tracks was insane and had us all with jaws dropped." - Alex Rankin
P.S. Nico rides all the tracks blind - not bad ey?!