Sunday, November 3, 2013


Alpine Bike Parks - Shovel Buster trail new landing

Alpine Bike Parks started construction on shovel buster yesterday. The first day of the build was met with tough conditions. Heavy rain made it difficult for the machines to work at optimum efficiency, but the crew of ABP powered through and accomplished quite a lot. The plan is for the Shovel Buster to be gussied up the whole way down. ABP will be installing SIX premanufactured lips and a sick satellite feature on the trail. the amplitude of all the jumps is being increased at the same time. Sadly this means there will be no beginner trails, but we can always try for that in the next phase. SORCE/ABP can only do so much in a year within a given budget from the City of Surrey. Keep in mind that the COS is supporting the sport of mountain biking in a big way. Shovel Buster is unique in this part of the world. Can you think of another city built park with something like it? As Invergarry park builds a larger user group and the local bike club SORCE achieves higher membership riders in Surrey will be able to request more and more work to be done by Alpine Bike Parks every year.

the old blue line table

what that table has become - a big landing
Dustin Gilding packs the new landing

more changes below
we are also getting a Flow form satelite dish further down the trail
One of the biggest reasons we chose to work with Alpine Bike Parks is their 'Flow form' features. Metal framed wood features that rewuire little to no maintenance and never change. The last photo is from another park, but we will have one just like it installed this week.

Don't forget; once the machine work is done, we will need a hand with packing and shaping all of the new features down the trail!