Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NSMBA twoonie race

Andrew from NSMBA sent this one over:
"NSMBA Presents The Last Toonie Race of 2011

    The North Shore Mountain Bike Association and the North Shore Bike Shop present their fourth and final Toonie Bike Race for the 2011 series.    Cap your summer off September 17th with a fun event on Fromme.  It's going to be an 80's themed costume race with totally tubular and bodacious prizes.

    Registration will be at the water towers on Fromme between 8:30 am and 9:30 am.  The climb will not be timed for this race.  The race will start at 10 am from Mountain Highway at the trailhead to Jerry Rig.    The course will be down Executioner, Dreamweaver to Dempsey road and then up the Baden Powell to the water towers where the race ends.

    Apres location to be confirmed and announced later on.  As always, membership with the NSMBA is mandatory. For more information on the race or how to get involved with the North Shore Mountain Bike Association as a volunteer, or a sponsor, head to www.nsmba.ca.  To volunteer for this race contact Toonie@nsmba.ca.  "

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